Meet Jennifer


Jennifer Flowers was born in Taiwan and grew up in the U.S. Her hard working parents are her biggest inspiration. Her labor of love is Tum Tum, an infant belly wrap that’s based on a concept from her native culture. Her fashion flair and attention to detail add a hip designer edge to this cozy wearable blanket.

heart1But it’s not just about looking stylish: Jennifer proved Tum Tum’s tagline, “Warm to the Core,” with the help of a former NASA engineer.

heart1“When I approached Dibzy, I needed everything,” Jennifer says. “All I had was an idea, which had been on the back-burner for three years. I started from scratch, while working a day job and being a mom. Our weekly calls forced me to stay on-track and be accountable.”
Jennifer faced a number of hurdles, including creating the right branding and sourcing the right materials for Tum Tum. “Dibzy developed my branding within weeks,” she says. “With their reliable resources, I was able to source fabric and labels. They helped me understand and comply with industry standards.”
“Dibzy helped me build both my product and my company,” she adds. “Dibzy is a one-stop shop that makes ideas come to life. They are truly here to help people succeed, and their energy is amazing!”

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Adorable package


Tum Tum are reversible


What a great gift

I’m ready to

Fun Facts

  • Jennifer lives in San Francisco with her husband and son
  • She’s lived in Boston, Los Angeles and New York City, but she’s still a Red Sox fan.
  • Her birthday is on Dec 25th, her son’s birthday is on Dec 26th which make them both Capricorns and Tigers in Chinese Zodiac.
  • She loves studs, spikes, & fringe! (So does Dibzy!)
  • She is a Buddhist.
  • She has a dance degree from UCLA.


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Jennifer with Tum Tum model, Lone


Jennifer and Jenny-what a team!