Me First! Designs

Meet Louise White

Louise_sm_portraitLouise is the President and Head Designer of Me First! Designs Inc., founded in 1998. Me First is an award-winning children’s toy design firm and has created innovative and best-selling products for some of the largest toy manufacturers in the world including: Toys R Us, International Playthings, Alex Toys, Goody, Ohio Art, Infantino, Mary Meyer, Kids II, Summer Infant, Crown Craft, Sassy, Taggies and many others. Her designs have earned more than twenty awards including the prestigious Oppenheim Best Toy award, the iParenting Media award, and the Dr. Toy Best Toy award. Her designs have also been featured in numerous publications and she is considered among the elite in her field.

heart1We asked Louise what inspires her, and love her answer: “I am always observing life to see where there is a need and how I can come up with a solution. I am fascinated and inspired by antique toys and gadgets. I try to ‘think outside the box’ and find a unique solution with sweet designs that are perfect for little hands. I am inspired by my three children, especially my 15 month old baby. Walking by the beach almost every day clears my head and sparks many ideas.”

heart1We at Dibzy are happy to have Louise as a part of our team. We have a long history of working with Me First! Louise is a great resource for all aspects of product development. She is a skilled at creating branded product collections and a master of all the technical and graphic design details involved in rendering the concept through the manufacturing process. Louise is truly a mom and designer we admire!

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Sport Squirter


Princess Play Set


Shaggie Taggies

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Fun Facts

  • Louise is a master of time management and has been known to send emails at 5 am while her kids are still asleep!
  • She is very fast, and can get her work done and still can take a walk with her kids at night after dinner. We envy her organizational skills! Louise loves movies, and enjoys taking the kids to see all the latest.
  • She admires Phillipe Starck who is very whimsical in his designs. He is never afraid to take chances and try different things.


Grabby Hello Kitty with Soother E

Hello Kitty


Princess Plush Product Development


Pond Pals Spiral Toy Bar


Grabby Cow

Erica Campanella

Meet Erica

Erica Campanella is a Providence, Rhode Island native. She spent much of her career in New York City working as an art director in the fashion and home decor industry.

heart1 When Erica decided to launch her own design firm, she moved back to her home town and founded Little Bell Studios, LLC. Erica passionately believes in the importance of good design. Even for the little things in life, good design can make the world a more beautiful place. This mantra is the driving force behind Little Bell, because even little things can make big noise. Erica works hand in hand with clients developing trend conscious art for fabric, home decor, clothing, and gift products. Her clients include Shutterfly, TJX Company, Hershey,to name a few. Erica is known for bringing a unique perspective and a fresh twist to every project. see more- links to this site .


Girls bedding set created for Home Goods


Dapper Fox tote bag


Girls T-shirt


Erica’s latest colorig book

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Fun Facts

  • Erica’s earliest creative influences were her mother and Reading Rainbow.
  • Erica’s favorite color is plaid.
  • Erica someday wants to reproduce the whole menu from the party scene in the movie, Big Night.
  • Erica has a very spry 13 year old corgi named Teddy. He enjoys taking naps and eating carrots.
  • Erica is a runner and a rower.
  • Erica’s grandfather was lebanese and she hopes to visit Lebanon someday.

Boys bedding set created for Home Goods

Birth announcemet photo cards for


Cocktail Napkins for Home Goods


Canvas Print for Girls

Nicole Tamarin

Meet Nicole

Profile_Picture“I really enjoy solving a problem, whether that be making something function better or taking an idea and making it come to life. I love to make things more functional and beautiful,”

Hailing from Worcester, Mass., Nicole’s biggest source of inspiration is her daughter, Sienna, who is 12. Nicole loves to come up with things to keep Sienna entertained. “Watching the way she interacts with the world as a mom and an artist makes me think how to make things better for her.”

An organizing geek, Nicole’s favorite indulgences are office supplies and storage containers. What does she do in her spare time? “I love working on my house or on the homes of others, especially designing projects that will solve a problem like better storage or organization,” she says.

Nicole’s husband, Joe, is a carpenter, musician and artist. Their daughter inherited his musical and artistic abilities along with his quirky sense of humor. “I am forever being left out of their long, drawn-out nonsensical conversations!” Nicole says.

This talented designer’s passions are her family and her work. “Success has very little to do with possessions or money and more to do with my ability to support myself and my family with my creative talents rather than my analytical ones,” she says.



TAMARIN_Indigo Blooms


TAMARIN_Be Brave Text


TAMARIN_Hello lettering




TAMARIN_Tropical Floral


TAMARIN_Squid a Swimmin


TAMARIN_Bright Flakes


TAMARIN_Flower Power


Fun Facts

  • Even though Nicole is an artist, she admits that she’s a HORRIBLE Pictionary player.
  • She is a licensed optician and still works a day here and there.
  • Nicole was a competitive figure skater for most of her childhood untill it was time to hang up the blades and head to college.
  • When she worked at an interior design firm, Nicole was known as “IKEA Queen” because other designers would bring their projects to her to see if she could come up with an affordable IKEA solution.


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Handmade by

Meet Allison

portrait_acVintage fabrics, hand drawn type dreams, and nature influence my artwork. I am constantly inspired by the achievements and accomplishments of the people I am surrounded by- musicians, artists, illustrators, bloggers, product designers, teachers, and my students!

heart1Handmade by Allison Cole is a stationery brand based out of Providence, Rhode Island that launched in the summer of 2014. All cards are screen printed with water based inks on heavyweight 100% recycled paper. All products are assembled by hand and carefully inspected for consistency and quality. Allison is an artist and illustrator with an extensive screen printing background, graduating from the Rhode Island School of Design with a degree in printmaking. Her illustration work is represented internationally by Lilla Rogers Studio, and she has worked with clients such as The Land of Nod, Camelot Fabrics, Badge Bomb, Scholastic, Galison/Mudpuppy, American Greetings, and Madison Park Greetings.

heart1Allison currently balances her time between her client-based projects for her full-time freelance illustration business, teaching, and creating fun new products for her shop. A true multi tasker! Dibzy is a big fan of Allison’s unique style, her endearing characters and her clever hand lettered greeting cards.

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Cat Bowl




National Cat Day

I’m ready to

Fun Facts

  • Allison lives with her husband and their two cats in a cozy little house in lovely Providence, Rhode Island. She draws, she prints, she stares at her computer, and she teaches illustration to undergraduates.
  • Allison loves to read and write comic books.
  • Her go to reading material is Agatha Christie’s The ABC Murders. “I’ve already read all of her books!” says Allison.




Speaking at The Art of Licensing


Allison’s Fabrics


Meet Tereson


Tereson Dupuy is a force of nature. This fiery redhead from New Orleans is a passionate inventor, a wise businesswoman and a devoted single mom. Dibzy helped Tereson with the rebranding and fashion design of FuzziBunz, her well-known line of pocket-style cloth reusable diapers.

heart1In 2012, FuzziBunz was highlighted on ABC’s “Shark Tank,” where Mark Cuban advised Tereson that her cloth diaper line needed to “outcompete.”

“Dibzy helped me revamp FuzziBunz’s look and brought the professional pop and style we couldn’t expect from working with a generic graphic designer,” Tereson says.”
“I was frustrated with the look of my product and needed to find someone who could design and was experienced in the juvenile industry, which has an entirely different playing field than other consumer-product industries,” she adds.
“Dibzy understands industry standards and compliance with restrictive government guidelines, which are a non-negotiable requirement for success,” Tereson says. “Dibzy delivered.”


Top Awards Lavished on Tereson and FuzziBunz:
2002 Finalist Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award
2007 Stevie Award for Women in Business
2010 Stevie Award for Best New Product
2010 Stevie Award for Most Innovative Company
PTPA Award for Product Winner, 2 times!
iParenting Media Award for Product Winner, 2 times!
Sage Summit Entrepreneur of the Year – 2015

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Accepting Stevie Award


Cool Branding!


Nice Package Design

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Fun Facts

  • Tereson appeared on “Shark Tank” and lived to tell about it!
  • She is a dancer…swing dancer that is!
  • She is also a Reiki Practitioner
  • Deepak Chopra is her hero!


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diaper pails


zippered totes

Tum Tum

Meet Jennifer


Jennifer Flowers was born in Taiwan and grew up in the U.S. Her hard working parents are her biggest inspiration. Her labor of love is Tum Tum, an infant belly wrap that’s based on a concept from her native culture. Her fashion flair and attention to detail add a hip designer edge to this cozy wearable blanket.

heart1But it’s not just about looking stylish: Jennifer proved Tum Tum’s tagline, “Warm to the Core,” with the help of a former NASA engineer.

heart1“When I approached Dibzy, I needed everything,” Jennifer says. “All I had was an idea, which had been on the back-burner for three years. I started from scratch, while working a day job and being a mom. Our weekly calls forced me to stay on-track and be accountable.”
Jennifer faced a number of hurdles, including creating the right branding and sourcing the right materials for Tum Tum. “Dibzy developed my branding within weeks,” she says. “With their reliable resources, I was able to source fabric and labels. They helped me understand and comply with industry standards.”
“Dibzy helped me build both my product and my company,” she adds. “Dibzy is a one-stop shop that makes ideas come to life. They are truly here to help people succeed, and their energy is amazing!”

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Adorable package


Tum Tum are reversible


What a great gift

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Fun Facts

  • Jennifer lives in San Francisco with her husband and son
  • She’s lived in Boston, Los Angeles and New York City, but she’s still a Red Sox fan.
  • Her birthday is on Dec 25th, her son’s birthday is on Dec 26th which make them both Capricorns and Tigers in Chinese Zodiac.
  • She loves studs, spikes, & fringe! (So does Dibzy!)
  • She is a Buddhist.
  • She has a dance degree from UCLA.


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Jennifer with Tum Tum model, Lone


Jennifer and Jenny-what a team!

AXL Brand

Meet Ryan

portrait_acIn the land of start-ups, AXL Brand is a company that caters to the ultimate start-up, your baby. We make apparel and accessories for newborns and toddlers, and for parents, friends and family searching for modern, stylish and exceptionally well-made organic, ring-spun cotton goods, made in the USA.

heart1Our first baby inspired us to start AXL Brand, as we were not finding the simple, clean and modern basics that we preferred- so, we decided to make our own. This also provided us with an opportunity to incorporate how we felt about materials (incredibly soft organic ring-spun interlock cottons) and fit / function (roomy feet on footies, v-necks and flatlock stitching). Our second baby motivated us to incorporate our later, more traditionally feminine colors. Now toddlers, both children inspire me to grow AXL Brand into a long-lasting, sustainable brand known for providing exceptionally well-made modern organic infant apparel and accessories.

heart1Former environmental management consultant turned infant apparel manufacturer. I?m a “normal” guy who likes to get dirty, fix things and live in the wilderness for extended periods of time. I?ve always been fascinated with the manufacturing process, but I never thought I would be making infant apparel. The direction my life has taken these past couple of years makes me laugh, at least.

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Tangerine long sleeve shirt


100% organic cotton materials


Orchid bodysuit

I’m ready to

Fun Facts

  • Ryan likes to fly fish, camp and ride his motorbike.
  • He and his wife recently celebrated their 8th wedding anniversary and he still considers himself one of the luckiest men alive.
  • The amazing people sewing AXL garments are part of his family now and they love to see his two kids.
  • On Ryan’s bucket list: go on a safari in Africa with the family, drive across the country with the family in a camper van, teach my kids how to fly fish, rebuild restore an old car with the kids.



Ryan’s first child inspired him to start AXL


Ryan with his kids


Ryan loves fly fishing