Meet Erica

Erica Campanella is a Providence, Rhode Island native. She spent much of her career in New York City working as an art director in the fashion and home decor industry.

heart1 When Erica decided to launch her own design firm, she moved back to her home town and founded Little Bell Studios, LLC. Erica passionately believes in the importance of good design. Even for the little things in life, good design can make the world a more beautiful place. This mantra is the driving force behind Little Bell, because even little things can make big noise. Erica works hand in hand with clients developing trend conscious art for fabric, home decor, clothing, and gift products. Her clients include Shutterfly, TJX Company, Hershey,to name a few. Erica is known for bringing a unique perspective and a fresh twist to every project. see more- links to this site .


Girls bedding set created for Home Goods


Dapper Fox tote bag


Girls T-shirt


Erica’s latest colorig book

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Fun Facts

  • Erica’s earliest creative influences were her mother and Reading Rainbow.
  • Erica’s favorite color is plaid.
  • Erica someday wants to reproduce the whole menu from the party scene in the movie, Big Night.
  • Erica has a very spry 13 year old corgi named Teddy. He enjoys taking naps and eating carrots.
  • Erica is a runner and a rower.
  • Erica’s grandfather was lebanese and she hopes to visit Lebanon someday.

Boys bedding set created for Home Goods

Birth announcemet photo cards for


Cocktail Napkins for Home Goods


Canvas Print for Girls