How Kirsten came up with the idea

I was inspired to create Kleynimals when my youngest son insisted on playing with my car keys as most young babies and toddlers do. Knowing that my car keys were dirty, but could also contain lead, this was not something that I wanted, but let’s face it… sometimes Moms are desperate to make their kids happy. I tried to find a good alternative to no avail. When I searched, everything that I found was loaded down with some kind of plastic. Babies are smart enough to know that plastic car keys are not the real thing! Thus, my quest to create 100% food grade stainless steel toy keys began. Now babies have a safe and realistic alternative to your car keys.

BPA free, Cadmium free, Lead free, Phthalate free

• Non-toxic animal key toys
• For babies 6 months and up
• 100% food grade stainless steel
• Dishwasher safe
• Engravable
• Eco-Friendly

Fun facts about Kirsten

heart1My friends and family think I am slightly neurotic with my approach to all things non-toxic and eco-friendly. However, I know I am not as “good” as I could be, or as conscious as others out there. I can always strive to be better! I recently built a LEED Platinum home. We live in and love Annapolis, Maryland, but I dream of living in Maine one day. I live with three boys (two sons and my hubby) and a golden retriever girl, all of whom I love more than anything! I love to be outdoors enjoying nature and traveling.

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