Meet Lisa Moy

profile-picLisa Moy is a one woman dynamo! The Dibzy gang fell in love with her precious pooch “Buddy” and her amazing portfolio of brands! Lisa’s heart is as big as her talent. Her products have a feel good message, are thoughtfully designed. We talked a lot about important things like animals, positive messages for kids and music… and a little bit about her products which speak for themselves! Lisa Moy shares the “Buddy” gift. Her work makes people happy!

heart1Lisa: My vision for my product brands is to design new collections and accessories for babies and kids. I want to offer less pricey accessories so that all kids can enjoy fun stuff and appreciate simple things that make each day a little more special and magical. I remember when I was little, how excited I was to have a new stuffed animal and could not wait to wake up in the morning to play with it. I treasured all the little things I had when I was a kid and have such sweet and fun memories from childhood. I want to give that special feeling and create those memories for children through my products.

heart1The first Ponytail Pals Collection was based on an intuitive concept combining the utility of a ponytail holder with the friendship and emotional connection of a cuddly stuffed animal. These ponytail holders become little buddies and trusted companions. A few years back, I was in working in New York and during a lunch break I stopped into a baby boutique with incredible stuff. I found a baby blanket and bought it just because it had the most adorable little bunny sewn into it. I got home and immediately cut the bunny off and attached it on to an elastic ponytail band. Every time I wore that ponytail holder people would stop me and ask where I got it. That was the beginning of my brand.

heart1Buddy is my rescue dog. He has a special gift- to make everyone happy! He is my best friend and he means everything to me. One of the best things about Buddy is he that he always reminds me how important it is to be kind and to be a good, caring friend. I decided to dedicate a collection of accessories modeled to look like Buddy, to stand for the important values of kindness and friendship that everyone should live by. It is my hope to instill this awareness to kids through The Buddy Collection. I created the “Be a Buddy, Kind is Cool” campaign as a fun way for children to learn and share a powerful message of caring and acceptance.



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I’m ready to

Fun Facts

  • My favorite color is white.
  • I can make bird calls relatively well.
  • I would like to adopt more dogs and give them a happy life.
  • I am currently reading Aesop’s Fables. I can’t get over how clever the stories are and how amazing the illustrations are.
  • My favorite indulgence is bubble baths.
  • Secretly I would love to be a country western singer.



Buddy hard at work on product design!


Lisa and her 2 and 4 legged BFFS