Meet Louise White

Louise_sm_portraitLouise is the President and Head Designer of Me First! Designs Inc., founded in 1998. Me First is an award-winning children’s toy design firm and has created innovative and best-selling products for some of the largest toy manufacturers in the world including: Toys R Us, International Playthings, Alex Toys, Goody, Ohio Art, Infantino, Mary Meyer, Kids II, Summer Infant, Crown Craft, Sassy, Taggies and many others. Her designs have earned more than twenty awards including the prestigious Oppenheim Best Toy award, the iParenting Media award, and the Dr. Toy Best Toy award. Her designs have also been featured in numerous publications and she is considered among the elite in her field.

heart1We asked Louise what inspires her, and love her answer: “I am always observing life to see where there is a need and how I can come up with a solution. I am fascinated and inspired by antique toys and gadgets. I try to ‘think outside the box’ and find a unique solution with sweet designs that are perfect for little hands. I am inspired by my three children, especially my 15 month old baby. Walking by the beach almost every day clears my head and sparks many ideas.”

heart1We at Dibzy are happy to have Louise as a part of our team. We have a long history of working with Me First! Louise is a great resource for all aspects of product development. She is a skilled at creating branded product collections and a master of all the technical and graphic design details involved in rendering the concept through the manufacturing process. Louise is truly a mom and designer we admire!

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Sport Squirter


Princess Play Set


Shaggie Taggies

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Fun Facts

  • Louise is a master of time management and has been known to send emails at 5 am while her kids are still asleep!
  • She is very fast, and can get her work done and still can take a walk with her kids at night after dinner. We envy her organizational skills! Louise loves movies, and enjoys taking the kids to see all the latest.
  • She admires Phillipe Starck who is very whimsical in his designs. He is never afraid to take chances and try different things.


Grabby Hello Kitty with Soother E

Hello Kitty


Princess Plush Product Development


Pond Pals Spiral Toy Bar


Grabby Cow