Meet Sarah and Lauren

meet_Sarah_Lauren1Milk Moon Kids is a company we admire, founded by two moms we admire! Their bright and playful artwork is hip and adorable. The characters are fun, and the colors work in many home decor styles. Milk Moon Kids products have made many homes happy!

heart1At Milk Moon Kids, we create whimsical products for kids that celebrate the time when childhood gets a little more lively and real. Inspired by our own kids, our creations aim for that sweet spot between minimalist modern and fluffy pastel.
Bold and fun with a little wink, we design and produce vivid and quirky illustrations to delight fun-loving kids with a secret nod to their style-conscious parents. Milk Moon Kids products make perfect keepsake gifts for baby showers, birthdays or just because.

heart1Our founders, artist Sarah Spring and her business partner Lauren Kitchen, created Milk Moon kids in a studio in the heart of the Midwest. Everyday, they render the happy chaos of their collective five children into the spirited energy reflected in Milk Moon Kids products. Combining widespread artistic appeal with our Midwestern sensibilities. Every piece offered is crafted with care in the United States.



Safari Stretch


Yee Haw


Galactically Grown


Chick A Dee


Dino Smile


Here’s looking at Ewe


In Action!


Growth Chart


At Market

I’m ready to

Fun Facts

  • Sarah and Lauren are childhood friends.