Meet Jennifer

Jennifer is a gifted sculptor of sewn soft fabrics. She designs and sews all types of products created for children and pets. Dibzy and Jennifer have collaborated on many wonderful products together. She is a master of taking a flat drawing and envisioning how to build that idea into a 3-d product. She loves working with beautiful fabric colors and textures to bring imaginative ideas into the real world. She is also quite an inventor and creative force!

heart1Jennifer’s design process is to take an idea, create drawings or a 3d model, fit or design graphics, then draw patterns. Her clients range from independent inventors to larger established corporations. including: Bears for Humanity, Sassy Baby, Lollipup, Summer Infant, Response Licensing Group, iScholar, Zippy Sack, Sleep Innovations and many more.

She loves to collaborate because of the magical way ideas develop when great minds come together.

Before opening Proto Toy and Gift in 2010, she worked in a number of studios in NYC, including Yottoy, as a commercial sculptor and plush designer.

Being a mother of 3 kids profoundly influences her understanding of how children play, learn and what they think is fun!

Elephant Plush for Kidsline.

Walker Seat Cover for Sassy Baby with Shelly Adventures

Alligator for Tim Raglin’s Simon and Schuster book

Sugar Glider for Cambridge Toys

Action Dinosaur for Yottoy

Cuddle Bug Bouncer for Sassy with Shelly Adventures

Alligator Plush pencil case for Magic Creative

Batman Animae pillow for iStar Entertainment

Elephant Rock a Bye Baby Mobile for Summer Infant

Fun Facts

  • Jennifer is the mother of 2 boys, 1 girl, and 2 cats.
  • She grew up in Cleveland, Ohio, but currently lives in New York.
  • At 11 years old, Jennifer made a family of costumed mice, including a butler and maid, to live in her dollhouse.
  • Her Favorite movies are the Wizard of Oz and King Kong.
  • She is excited that a line of new organic cotton plush animals and bears she designed will soon be sold in the gift shops of the US National Parks, zoos and aquariums.



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Some of my best creations

Bouncer Toys for Sassy Baby

Mars 2112 Caption Orion for Yottoy

Action Dinosaur for Yottoy