The Process





The Dibzy Process

How It Works

Are you ready to make your design a reality? Or does your existing product need a boost? Let Dibzy help build your brand, sell your product and grow your business!

Develop Your Product (BUILD)

We carefully cultivate your idea. From product design to analyzing the competition to sourcing quality manufacturers we’ve got you covered.

Showcase Your Story (BRAND)

Great people are behind every great product. In our Designer Showcase, we highlight a carefully curated selection of family-friendly products. And we team up with you to build your brand through targeted marketing campaigns that create buzz and generate sizzle!

Sell Your Product (BRAND/BOOST)

We don’t just tweak your existing creation or produce your design idea. We make your product fly off the shelves! We put our expertise in marketing, licensing and sales to work for you.

Grow Your Business (BOOST)

Dramatically boost productivity and improve efficiency with our customized technology solutions. We’ve got your back as your business soars.

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